The Other Half

"The Other Half" is a tale of desperation, mystery, and transcendence. Young Gail sits alone in an open train car, gazing at half a weathered stone pendant. After a shadow-shifting crow steals her pendant, a ghostly figure appears, recovers the pendant, and reveals that he has more in common with Gail than she first thought...

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Week of Monday February 13th.

Animation is going well. If I can get all the roughs done by the end of February, I'll have March and April to do...everything else. 

I have roughs done up to about the 15th shot of the film (there are about 27 total), but I won't be posting any of them just yet. This coming Monday I'll have an updated work reel with all the roughs included. I think I can finish this project.

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